The Golden Notebook

The Golden Notebook

作者:Lessing, Doris May, 出版社:Baker & Taylor Books, 出版日期:1999-03-01

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商品條碼:9780060931407 , ISBN:006093140X
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The Golden Notebook

  Doris Lessing, Winner of the 2007 Nobel Prize for Literature

  Anna is a writer, author of one very successful novel, who now keeps four notebooks. In one, with a black cover, she reviews the African experience of her earlier years. In a red one she records her political life, her disillusionment with communism. In a yellow one she writes a novel in which the heroine relives part of her own experience. And in a blue one she keeps a personal diary. Finally, in love with an American writer and threatened with insanity, Anna tries to bring the threads of all four books together in a golden notebook.

  本書是英國文學最具女性主義象徵的大師級作品。全書以「自由女性」的一部短篇小說為骨架 (可獨立成篇),而這短篇小說又分別以黑色、紅色、黃色和藍色四部筆記呈現。屬於「自由女性」的主角用鋼筆斜斜地劃去一頁頁的筆記,留下支離破碎的部分

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