作者:Cruz, Marcelo G., 出版社:John Wiley & Sons, 出版日期:2002-01-01

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"Dr Marcelo Cruz is rightfully acknowledged as a world expert in the quantification of operational risk. He has set out to produce a book that is comprehensive yet also comprehensible to non-mathematicians - and is to be congratulated for succeeding in this aim. This book should be regarded as essential reading for all professional risk managers, irrespective of their particular lens of perception." Brendan Young, Chairman, Operational Risk Research Forum

"As a technically trained analyst, Marcelo Cruz summarizes a wide range of mathematical techniques. As an experienced capital markets trader and risk manager, he provides real world examples of their relevance for operational risk. This will be a common reference work in the field for years to come." David M. Rowe, Ph.D., Group Executive Vice President for Risk Management Sun Gard Trading and Risk Systems

Operational risk is an important, yet little explored, area within risk management. The need to model and measure the risks arising from operational errors and to allocate capital against them will be soon become a regulatory requirement for financial institutions. In this book, Marcelo Cruz provides a quantitative look at the subject, presenting several mathematical models that can be used and adapted to measure, manage and hedge operational risk.

Based on the author's extensive experience, the book maps out state-of-the-art mathematical and statistical techniques that can be used to model operational risk. In addition, the book describes a variety of appropriate models that can be applied to specific structures or areas, including operational risk database modeling, stochastic models, statistical distributions for frequency and severity, extreme value theory, operational VaR models, artificial intelligence models, dynamic multifactor models, Bayesian analysis, Monte Carlo simulation, stress test/ scenario analysis, real options, state-space models and the Kalman filter, Markovian stochastic models and others. These models have been tested with real data in real operational events. Based on this experience, numerous examples are sited throughout.

Modeling, Measuring and Hedging Operational Risk provides a complete quantitative reference for all those involved in modeling and managing operational risk as well as for those involved with developing hedging products for operational risk within insurance companies and derivatives houses.

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