Streets Reconsidered: Inclusive Design for the Public Realm

Streets Reconsidered: Inclusive Design for the Public Realm

作者:Iacofano, Daniel/ Malhotra, Mukul, 出版社:Routledge, 出版日期:2017-12-01

商品條碼:9781138900424 , ISBN:1138900427
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Streets Reconsidered: Inclusive Design for the Public Realm

re:Streets is a fundamental rethinking of America’s streets. It explores the future of streets and what America’s roadways could be if they were designed for living, instead of just driving. The book includes:

  • detailed design guidelines,

  • fully illustrated, four color case studies of successful streets from around the world,

  • a new paradigm of streets designed to promote human functions, turning new design ideas into a series of best practices that can be applied to any community.

What would streets look like if they accommodated people of all ages and abilities, promoted healthy urban living, social interaction and business, the movement of people and goods and regeneration of the environment?re:Streets pushes beyond the current standards, focusing on the planning, design and construction of streets as a method for improving our built environment for everyone. The book is organized by the functions of a street: mobility, way finding, commerce, social gathering, events and programming, play and recreation, urban agriculture, green infrastructure and image and identity.

re:Streets is the essential resource for city planners, urban designers, developers, architects, landscape architects, policymakers and community members who share a passion for great urban, human spaces.

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