Primordial Cosmology

Primordial Cosmology

作者:Montani, Giovanni/ Battisti, Marco Valerio/ Riccardo Benini/ Imponente, Giovanni, 出版社: , 出版日期:2010-05-31

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Primordial Cosmology
Primordial Cosmology deals with one of the most puzzling and fascinating topics debated in modern physics ��the nature of the Big Bang singularity. The authors provide a self-consistent and complete treatment of the very early Universe dynamics, passing through a concise discussion of the Standard Cosmological Model, a precise characterization of the role played by the theory of inflation, up to a detailed analysis of the anisotropic and inhomogeneous cosmological models. The most peculiar feature of this book is its uniqueness in treating advanced topics of quantum cosmology with a well-traced link to more canonical and pedagogical notions of fundamental cosmology.This book traces clearly the backward temporal evolution of the Universe, starting with the Robertson��alker geometry and ending with the recent results of loop quantum cosmology in view of the Big Bounce. The reader is accompanied in this journey by an initial technical presentation which, thanks to the fundamental tools given earlier in the book, never seems heavy or obscure.
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